It’s YOUR Party, YOU Control/Call the Shots


I already know that I'm awesome! In fact I tell myself as much whenever I don't tip/let my kids misbehave/laugh at the disabled/whine about the hipster girl with ugly glasses that wouldn't let me fuck/walk behind a woman on the sidewalk at night/impede traffic on my bike/sleep in the park/call someone a racist/act like a racist/buy goat placenta salad at New Seasons/step in dogshit, etc. Shit, I'm the coolest guy in town!
I'm awesome when I ride a bike/get incoherently angry at people who ride bikes!
Professional bartenders know how to effectively manipulate tips. She must be an ex pole dancer.
No matter what i post, I'm just gonna get many a vote me down. None of you like me anyway.

Ill be kicking it under vista ridge. Later fuckers...
While I believe bartenders must be responsible in how they serve their clientele, the ultimate responsibility rests with the consumer. If you're too drunk to tip, or God forbid possibly kill someone, how are you gonna place the onus on anybody other than the drunkard?

That logic excuses the wino's behavior whatever it may be. What if they go out and rape somebody? Is that the bartender's fault? Nope, excessively drunk bar patrons are generally assholes. I say that have been one on a few occasions.

I appreciate the author's integrity, but they're bordering on overzealous self-righteousness.
I like how IA pretends that bars are something other than a public place in which to get intoxicated.
You know, you could've just posted a comment (even anonymously) under the original submission from the bartender. Seriously: that's how this works.
I completely agree with this I,A! Right the fuck on!

Many months back, I was late Monday night drinking and eating at the Chinese Village with some friends, the bartender was terribad! He was typical hipster douche bag dumb mother fucker; he over served people so much so that they were falling over themselves on the dance floor. Of course, my friends and I were laughing at the falling people, but that's besides the point. Later on in the night after we got our food; the bartender hipster starts shit talking some old hippy dude; the whole bar proceeds to shit talk the shitty over serving bartender. The bartender gets all emo; starts crying, yelling and threatening patrons. Someone calls him a hipster douche bag, he then kicks the door open of the bar and yells I quit! The patrons of the bar clap!

I did however feel very sorry for the waitress; since she was very confused and barely spoke any english.
^ damn. I never would have signed up for the first shift if I knew I'd be missing shit shows like that!
I would have to say I agree with this I,A as well. It is very much the bartenders responsibility to make sure over serving doesn’t happen. Knowing how to cut someone off is the biggest part of a bartenders job. Public intoxication is not against the law in Oregon, but driving while intoxicated is very much illegal. And one who is so worry about not being tipped after a customer is intoxicated, I guaranty was not worried about their safety getting home. And to those who don’t know this. If you get someone intoxicated, and they mention what bar they are coming from, and they paid via debit card that proves they only left minutes ago, its criminal negligence and it is very real, and you can get very fined. My buddy is going through this right now actually, so if you’re that naïve and think you cannot be held accountable, then you are in the wrong business! Criminal negligence also applies to those who are raped by someone intoxicated, if they can prove the consumer was under your care before the rape happened, and the person who was rape takes legal action, the establishment can be sued for criminal negligence. Know your OLCC laws people! Or get out of the business!
Are you having a meltdown, as people often do when poop is leaking from their clothes in four directions?
Munch, please try to understand that I've taken into account the fact that a bartender should not over-serve patrons as a rule. The OLCC can throw all the BAC charts at you they want. When you can start guessing people's BAC just by looking at them, might I recommend joing a traveling circus. You can make some money that way. The law states that around .05% BAC, alcohol can be deemed a contributing factor in an auto accident. Should every bartender that's ever served 2 glasses of wine to someone be held legally responsible for all such events?

Sure, when someone's blithering drunk, they should be cut off, but I'm trying to hold the drunk aholes accountable, not bartenders. As for the rape example, I would hope the prosecutor charging a bartender for some other ahole raping a drunk patron loses his job. Then I hope they're forced to become a bartender and over-serve someone who gets raped (hopefully, the person lies about getting raped and it never really happened). Then I want that jackass to go to jail and get raped.
@ RickStevens:

Yeah, but...wait...what?? Are you telling me that i need to take responsibility for my own actions? What country do you think you're in, pal? NOTHING is my own fault, man. And if you have a problem with that, then talk to my fucking lawyer.

(And you're lucky that i didn't spill hot tea on myself while typing this, by the way...)
@RickStevens When a bartender over serves to the point of someone being 86'd, they're putting their job on the line, and allowing themselves to be vulnerable to those who are sue happy. I by all means think people should take accountability for their own choices. But, some bartenders (which we've all seen, and or personally experienced) will WAY over serve just to make a dollar. Criminal negligence is no joke when there is an innocent person who gets hurt or killed.

If a person could make good choices after a certain level of intoxication (as they pointed out being 86'd), being intoxicated while driving wouldn't be illegal. But they cant, and you're telling me that the person who poured them to that level should have no responsibility when a simple "no" could have saved someones life? "I'm trying to hold the drunk aholes accountable, not bartenders" That's fucking funny! And my Rape example was based around the raper being drunk not the victim. (But that was a bad example because we all know what happens to the penis when they're drunk :) they dont work most of the time)

If you were THAT drunk, wouldn't you want someone to make those choices for you?
Your bartender should be you're friend, not a selfish piece of shit who doesn't give a flying fuck!
I'm going ahead and accusing Rick Stevens of drunk typing during that last one there.
Munch, I do get what you're saying. I'm just saying that there's a huge grey area on this topic and I believe the patron is more responsible for that grey area than the bartender. We'll just have to agree to disagree for the most part.

Rich Bachelor, I think I was sober when I wrote that. I'm basing that on the time stamp. If it was written after 7pm, there's a good chance it would've been a drunk type-fest.