"Since You Have Lived Here, We Wanted to Ask You."


Lame. Reeks of envy. Dude would probably pay too much for the place himself, if he had the $$$.
WAIT--What does them being a frat boy/ sorority girl couple have to do with you not knowing how to spell REALTOR??
It's so important to be near the hip bars and restaurants. You'll always be young and you'll always have boatloads of disposable income to blow on lifestyle toys and entertainment. You will never outgrow Portland, even if the economy tanks again and your startup flounders and your Housing Bubble mkII real estate "investment" puts you under water.

And all this is true because there's a few million young frat boy / sorority girl couples already in the process of moving here, and they'll all be looking for this same tired shit. In 30 years we'll be as expensive and insufferable as San Francisco. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of suckville.
Damn bro. Hide your jealousy better.
Just how many bikes do you have, Mr. Fancy?
"Totally is".....what? blood? semen? A corpse behind the drywall? Your apparent pride in this seems odd