Couch and Grand


I think it is reasonable to fault the driver.
1) There is a giant bike green box and green bike lane right freaking next to them and if that was not enough...
2) There is a large flashing sign warning cars to watch for bikes when turning right.

If traffic is stopped pack the bike box. If traffic is moving then be fucking cautious passing cars on the right. I understand taking the lane, or at the very least never assume a car can see you in the side view mirror as you fly by on the right.

Everyone is responsible for making the roads safe for bikes.
I only fault the drivers who consistently always almost clip me in this manner, SUVs with Washington license plates (occasionally Oregon) and almost every goddamn taxi cab driver who operates downtown in the "hotel district". Otherwise, shit happens, no need to get all fussy about it.
When I'm going faster than the cars (which is pretty much always around there) I've always just split the two traffic lanes. Cars on the left protect me from cars on the right, and vice versa. At least that's the theory. If I was going the speed of I'd take the lane. If I was going slower I'd be in the bike lane and be cautious and expect every asshole to kill me.
Velo--Driving in between two lanes of cars is about the biggest douchbag move a bike rider can make. I hate riders that do that. It begs the question, do you know what a fucking bike lane is? Or do just like to get attention and piss people off. What makes you think you have the right to go faster then two lanes of traffic.
"What makes you think you have the right to go faster then two lanes of traffic."

Cause I'm not some stinky fatty in a Jetta, that's why.
As a driver of a monster truck ( I got tired of being almost run over)
take a friggin lane!!! I hate trying to ride side by side with a biker.. whom I can't see becaue they are in my blindspot 'along side me' because it's safer.. INSANE! This may be hard to believe but as a road warrior I actually am not fond of picking bits of hipster out of my grill.
I actively avoid that intersection and you can too. It's not hard. A little inconvenience is not worth the hassle and expense of going to the hospital.

I hate it when cyclists ignore the infrastructure we've built for them, but I also hate it when that infrastructure sucks. Use your head, and do whatever you need to do to stay safe.

And hey lane splitters: fuck you.