So What, I'm a Male Who Likes Dominant Chicks


First thing you should do, I was just trying to sugarcoat it, you're definitely stuck with Fetlife.
" You'd think in a town like Portland with all the open-mindedness"

Ah, you must be new to Portland. Just because all the vanilla hipsters have pink hair, cherry blossom tattoos and piercings does not mean this town is open minded. It's as white, racist and culturally ignorant as you'll find in the western hemisphere. Portland 20 years ago is what you're looking for, and it's been replaced with Portlandia fans, PC-bullies and Cali transplants. Enjoy your stay!
:( .. Grumpy cat says I hate it when j.cas is right.
You know what isn't rampant in the grave yard?

STD's. I say have at it.
I suspect you're going to get less exposed to STDs on FetLife, where people are generally pretty conscientious about their ethics, compared to the bar hookups most people have.
Should I just give up hope?

no never give up valiant prince. Your beefy nurse ratched princess is out there somewhere.
So what, all the women in Portland want to be dominated too. They're probably as frustrated with you as you are with them.

Yeah, so what?