I see so many complaints here that are legitimate and the city should really be dealing with them. Housing that's not affordable, irresponsible dog owners, irresponsible cyclists, aggressive chuggers, homeless camps and worker exploitation.

I personally have real issues with sidewalk blocking and idling diesel engines in my neighborhood (can't fucking walk anywhere, can't sleep past 6 on any given day.) But as far as I can tell, there's no way to get the city to enforce the local codes, or address the pollution issue where I live.

But for the life of me, besides complaining on the Mercury website, I can't figure out a way to bring these things to the attention of city hall. Hales seems to be driven by some imaginary policy making bubble that leaves the rest of us out of it. We just have to deal and move to 122nd or wherever the fuck we can afford.

So fuck you local government for not actually having a way for us to instigate real, local change.