Dog Poop on Your Head


While I do not like to side with people who use the word "sheeple" as part of their argument, I do concur with the general theme of your point. Then again, Portland is a town with no fashion sense that likes to think it's the epicenter of fashion and culture (thanks to everyone getting excited any time the NYT mentions us and simply assuming it means we're somehow trendsetters).

We're entering the season where yoga pants and snow boots are coming back into season, though I had prayed we would leave that monstrosity behind this year. I can't only blame women, the guys with the cargo shorts and plaid is pretty vomit inducing too, but at least I get that, it's simple and comfortable. On the flipside, Portland women's overdone attempts at being fashion forward come off as unoriginal, uninspired, last-season and desperate. Style is good, fashion is awful - the new breed of Portland woman has far too little of the former and too much lust for the latter.. the results can be a fantastically sad disaster to gawk at.
Bug people with giant bug eyes invading Portland! Those shades are to cover their giant bug eyes!
Let them stay in their uniforms. It makes them more identifiable.
But I'm a near-sighted dance instructor.
@ j.cas:

I'm obviously not one of those dudes that induce you to vomit; if you ever saw me, you'd no doubt have no choice but to admit to yourself that my cargo/plaid combo is the very definition of 'practical fashion'. In fact, you'd feel compelled to walk up to me, a complete stranger, with your head shaking and wearing a happily-surprised look on your face, and you'd say, "Man, wow. I had no idea how good camo cargo pants with a plaid shirt could look. You certainly know what you're doing -- you look great!. Well done, sir. Can i shake your hand?"

And i'd be all, "Sure, man. Yeah, those other guys are fucking posers -- they just throw crazy ensembles together like nothing, without a minute's thought or an ounce of respect. I mean, they don't know the *first thing* about multi-color matching and, worse than that, WAAAY worse than that, they don't even utilize the fucking pockets! WTF! An empty pocket is a sad pocket, man!! Those posers are giving my style a black eye, and i'm glad to know that you recognize that fact. Not cool, what they're doing. Not cool at all."

Then you'd offer to buy me a beer. I would politely decline. Then we'd part ways, your head still shaking and your smile still smiley.

Within two weeks you'd be aping my style and talking shit about me. Asshole.
i would love to hang out anytime!!!!!

comment of the week. Nice play.
I rock the shit out of a big fat bun and big fat Buddy Holly glasses. Don't hate, IAnon. I do it because it's trendy and pop culture. Sometimes living in the moment is awesome. I'm not trying to prove a point or inspire fashion or a trend - big fat buns and Buddy Holly glasses inspired me.