Able-Bodied Blonde Woman Under Morrison Bridge


You're liable to get much hate. I'll start on a positive note: kudos to you, what color's your hair?
Congratulations. You have done what millions of people do every day: Work hard and complain about others who seemingly don't.
I only give money to children's breakfast cereal characters. Somebody has to get Count Chocula during the long winter, spring, and summer when he's unemployed.
Why are you so hateful towards political activists?

There's a revolution going on man... are you gonna get involved or are you gonna... you know... umm.

Wait, What were we talking about again?

Hey, man, Anybody got a good recipe for pot brownies that's also gluten free?
It's easier just to carry around a pocket full of bum change, and simply hand out a scoop of nickles and pennies, instead of having to explain. Or call their bluff. Offer to buy them food. They never accept because they've already eaten. You aren't going to get through to them by posting a thread here, because unlike you, they have better things to do.
Oh, the Irony.
IA, able bodied blonde women run this town. Learn that by now. Its the NAITO BLONDeWAY.
@ Lial

Fuck brownies. Make Rice Crispy gooballs. You can put ten times as much weed in them and they're still dee-licious.
There's definitely no chance that schizophrenia affects anyone of the blonde or able-bodied persuasion.