Portland Design Crime


Alternatively, your craftsman house might be a huge piece of shit. And thinking a bunch of craftsmans comprises a historical district, not a collection of shit, is idiotic. And guess what: your neighbor"ino" can do whatever the hell they want, you, mr petty anonymous fuck-laden complainer, can lick a dog turd off the sidewalk.
I'm glad a nosy, twatty neighbor like you has to look at this porch for the rest of your duration in that neighborhood. Life is great sometimes :)
Just be glad that I'm not your neighborino. If I had an uptight prig like you living across the street it would be light-up inflatable Santa time all year round. I don't even celebrate Christmas. I just think you're a dick.

In fact, I'd take that $1000 that you feel should be spent on your viewing pleasure and spend it all on neon lights, painting my house ochre with lilac trim, or installing motion activated floodlights pointed at your bedroom window.

Then I'd let my dog shit on your lawn.
Take the cheapest home depot porch kit you can buy and glue it on thereby instantly depreciating the neighboring homes.
Thank you for calling attention to this Anonymous!
Oh the folly of these classless lowbred nouveau riche.

They could have commissioned a marble portico with doric columns and friezes in bas-relief depicting scenes from the great battle to advance Western Civilization upon the primitive savages that once squatted upon this neglected landscape.

Instead we end up with a cinder block wheel chair ramp with galvanized plumbing pipes for a safety rail and a neon bug zapper to provide ambiance.
good fences make good neighbors, why dont you try minding your own fucking business dickhead!!!!
Just to be clear, how much money have you invested in your neighbor's home? If you'd like a say in the design, I say you take over a tray of chocolate chip cookies and your checkbook if you want something different. You're probably one of those asshats that bought a home on a street with a yellow line down the middle of it and then complain about how much traffic there is and insist that the City "dooooooo somethingggggg!"
Uh oh, it's the taste police...
How about nudge the maypole up your ass a little further and worry about your own property? You strike me as somebody with too much disposable income that you probably don't have to work too hard for. Mind your own god fucking business.
Just be glad that you don't have a neighbor across the street that had so much trash "hidden" in his back yard that it caused a rat problem at my place.
I just replaced a porch on the curb side of my house, which is a craftsman.
Hey wait, I think I just figured something out.........
Don't MAKE me line up my disfigured mannequins collection in the front window, Mr. Sensitive.
This is the same way I feel when I see an otherwise fantastic outfit ruined by UGGS. I blame California, the suburbs, and Obama.
Oh yeah?? My neighbor is working feverishly to put a pond on a platform he built across the top of two cargo containers in his backyard while the roof of his house is collapsing. Try basking in the wackiness Anon, instead of whining like some NIMBY fuck.