I Passed the GED!


i passed high school the first time but congrats on the re-try.
Be sure to swing by the gift shop and pick up your complementary bottle of smells-like-teen-angst. Remember the certificate is not registered until you choke yourself purple with embarrassment hormones and self conscious bile.
Good for you! No really I think it's great. I'm serious! Way to go.
What ever you do next, DON"T attend Portland State University.

Do you really think your wife would leave you? If you told her you've been dishonest about a part of your past (a part that I assume pre-dates your marriage), exlain why it's something you've never felt you could come clean about, tell her your thoughts & fears, the way keeping up this facade all these years has made you feel, and shared your organic desire to come clean? I wouldn't expect understanding/acceptance/forgiveness to happen overnight, but you truly believe she'd leave you?
You seem like an intelligent, interesting, and self-aware person; I hope your wife values those qualities over your federally recognized level of education.
^Savage love is down the hall and then turn left.
I know people with graduate degrees who cannot form a sentence or spell worth a shit. Good job, man. You're obviously smarter and more articulate than most of the population.
My Romper Room diploma has gotten me laid more times than, more than, well, at least once.
You can do a lot with that GED. This isn't even sarcastic, I went from a GED to just about finishing a bachelor of science degree in some very heady pursuits, so my advice that you probably won't take is, keep on educating.