Dear Portland


Actually, we're all in our own individual boats, dealing with our own individual problems. Sure, maybe this person is an existential cry baby. Then again, maybe they're spending their time watching a parent or lover die a slow and painful death. Get over yourself. Other people don't exist for your viewing enjoyment.
Perhaps you need to stop projecting your own negative feelings into the way you perceive a stranger's posture to assume.
This a-hole is the exact reason I wear headphones everywhere I go. They're probably a former/current/apiring clipboarder too. Well everybody, time to start shooting rainbows outta our asses and belching roses so we can improve this clown's day.
Know who tried on some humanity? Buffalo Bill. Did not end well. Stick to your head phones kids.
If you think people are cold here don't bother with a real city, Portland is disney land in comparison.
Fuh-fuh-motherfuckin'-fuh-fuck you, fuck your motherfuckin' post & your Cheerios too.
Thanks for the pep talk marjorie.
Hope you have your headphones handy for when your caffeine high death spirals.
My headphones are on so I don't have to talk to random strangers on the street. Especially those Dialogue Direct kids.
I'm guessing you're new to town? You too will understand the healing powers of headphones someday. But in the meantime, CAN YOU SPARE SOME CHANGE???
Those aren't Portlanders. Those are the People Who Moved Here Recently.
Those aren't Portlanders. Those are the People Who Moved Here Recently.
My headphones are on cos I'm listening to some grooves yo, that's all, just cool baby, be cool.
Every one of these titled "Dear Portland" has been lame. Seems like some sort of correlation at work.
Also, all of them could have more accurately been titled, "Hey, Sweetheart! Smile!"
How is taking psychological medication "trying humanity on"? Feeling bad or unhappy is perfectly normal, being happy all of the time or uncaring is not. Get a grip on reality.