Fuck You, TCP/IP


Considering your brain is probably in some state of disrepair if you need surgery for it; I imagine the scheduling process would be fairly simple.

I do not think that simile means what you think it does.
Honestly, it just sounds like you have a piece of shit computer and you're blaming the internet providers for it.
The whole "I'm looking at you" schtick is pretty fucking old. Just sayin......
You' re damn lucky comcast even bothers to provide cable and internet, they don't have to you know. And if you haven't noticed there is no other cable company around here so be glad comcast even sticks by us. You ungrateful complainer.
Sounds like all of you jerkoffs are defending the cable companies. It's no secret the big communications companies collude to fix prices/packages and limit competition. We live in a major metropolis, so nobody should have to be thankful for mediocre internet service/speed. If we lived in East Bum-Fuck Alaska, it might be another story, but lay off the dude with a legitimate complaint.
This is all pretty on-point. I live around Laurelhurst and my options for internet are: Comcast, who are expensive and literally lied about my bill the last time I had to "renegotiate" after a promotion expired, because for some of their reps downgrading service is tantamount to treason. CenturyLink, who as the I,A points out is limited to slow-as-shit DSL in most of Portland, or Clear which is both slow and unreliable.
There's also the unending marketing assault. No, I don't want TV, Comcast. Just Internet. Stop wasting slices of my life with the same pitch.
oh to be twenty again.