You Owe Me a Sandwich


I had the reverse of this happen to me Anon at the gym, so I actually agree with you/this. All of this. I was at the gym and Ms. Chunkier than me, decided to lean over my treadmill and explain that I would lose more weight if I stepped it up a notch. I calmly looked at her an explained that I am in no real hurry to lose weight. And, that in fact my goal is to lose weight the same rate that I gained it, taking my time, because my boobs are bigger. I’ve never be able to lift my arms forward and create cleavage. It’s always felt like braille under finger tips when it comes to my boobs. It also allows me to maintain my financials this way. It’s easier to invest in Twinkies, than a boob job. People need to mind their own fucking business!
I have been tall and thin my whole life. It sucked when I was a teen but at 35 it's fucking awesome, as most of my contemporaries look like 5 pounds of shit stuffed into a sandwich bag.
Stop crying on the internet and eat a damn sandwich.
I don't know why they don't say "eat a fajita," it's still obnoxious but at least it rhymes.
The whole Enchilada.
You can put on some overalls and a floppy hat and come hang out in my garden. I need something to scare these dadblasted dadgum crows away from my corn rows.
What are you saying is you shit more than the average person. This uses more of the earth's resources. Fat people have smaller shit footprints and are better for the ecology.
So no I won't give you a sandwich.
Best anon ever! Lol
Best anon ever! You can't be from pdx! I would be the one to say something like that but that's how u handle it!!! Good for u
Imrightyourwrong - I don't think that's actually how science works... high metabolisms burn energy faster -- unless there's something really wrong with this person's GI tract, the food is probably not literally "just going right through them."

Also, I've always wondered if you intended to use the wrong "your" in your name for ironic purposes, or if you're really just that dumb... Either way, irony is played out, as is being dumb.
silly punster bell "trolls".... do you really need that little apostrophe to clarify that you are wrong?
Also the letter E... that would be the more important missing element, but given that you DID put and apostrophe in "I'm" that's kind of a good question. Thank's for inadvertently answering my question, though! Not ironic: dumb.

Unless you'rE implying that I HAVE wrong, which also doesn't make grammatical sense.
yes but what about your name?

Any possible way to explain how that shittastic attempt at wit DOESNT make you a clueless bore?
Have I ever claimed NOT to be a clueless bore? Look at how much I comment here! Of COURSE I'm a bore - I'm just self-aware enough to realize it.
Ok then.

About my name..

My former name was i'mrightyou'rewrong. But then I insulted Karmel too much and Humpy or somebody deleted my profile. Or maybe I forgot the password.
Anyway you really are wrong- its neither irony nor ignorance. Its the LAZY.
English language always changing, embrace it bro. Apostrophes are training wheels. Throw em away and ride that bike.
Fair enough. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, which is why I never said anything before. English is kind of a bastard language and I'm all for taking liberties with it, but I like the 'postrophe.

Now let's see just how long and awkward we can make this thread!
Sorry, im not like that.
@ i'mrightyourwrong:

Your case isn't helped by the fact that you utilized apostrophes in three other comments recently...earlier today. You're an anti-apostrophe poser, sir. You ain't really down with dropping the training wheels like you say. I'm on to you. You're nothing but a wannabe punctuation-flouter.