I am son of immigrants (Kenya) and born an raised in Portland Oregon. I was born at the Kaiser hospital now Adidas remember when Interstate had bus 5, North Portland was predominately African-American with that said.
I am a Technology Salesman. The reason I am writing is I am tired of white women Portlanders who switch there bags when I am walking down the street or in an elevator (in my suit and tie). Listen I know Portland Multnomah County Hawthorne is the most liberal progressive minded area. I live there however, I have to rant that I wish European American women understand that not all black people are going to rob you especially if they have a suit and tie on. Yes if the max or tri-met is full you can sit next to me. I will not bit. Yes you live in North Portland but, you still are not diverse. Just because you have a tribal tattoo, smoke weed and listen to Jay-Z. No you can not touch my hair and yes we have to keep our hair wraped at night. I still love Portland but come on. Do you folks come from east coast midwest where you are exposed to black folks?