Stepped in It


Twist: the shitter is IA
Great- another psychotic junkie. How about you go home to Mom, kick heroin and stop being a drag on society. Now you know how self-supporting Portlanders feel when we see your ugly face demanding cash to give to the drug cartels. Go away.
Women have (d)evolved. They no longer hover, they just squat and poop on the floor. Cause fuck everyone else, right?
Twist #2 (No pun intended): This is an I,Anon blog about human shit.

They're usually about dog shit. Unfortunately, the shift in genre is not enough for me to give a shit about.

Would someone please write something about urine next?
UGH! Sorry that happened to you, IA. And sorry the commenters 1 & 2 shit on you again.

I just used a loo today and thought "wow! it's great to see people take care of these things." But I guess that sadly that's not the case.