Thank you, Richard Overton, Austin,TX


I feel bad people keep signing up for the army thinking they're going to somehow improve the world because of it. Not shitting on your or your dad, but it's quite obvious that politicians use soldiers as pawns - so why keep playing that charade?

Maybe if all the "patriots" decided to put their gun boners away and not sign up for military service there'd be less military conflict to begin with.
Your right assisse,let the politians send the fruit of their loins to the front lines. Our Veterans will be fewer when the Americans wise up.

In the meantime, lets honor all the nice people that fought for us, and hope they don't despair about their treatment and long delays to see a Doctor.
assisse, I'll just call you "ASS" for short, it is not the military that is responsible for our wars, as we don't live under a militarily run system.
That dubious honor lies with our ELECTED politicians, who are at the top of the chain-of-command.
Just becuase people serve in the military doesn't mean they have gun-boners ASS.

Personally, I think we should adopt a system of service similar to Germanys, where at a certain age you are obligated to serve in the military - or some sort of civil service, changing bedpans, etc. -- to include women and also those sons and daughters of elected officials.