My partner & myself were in Trader Joe's yesterday buying our weekly groceries & as we waited in line he was rubbing my back. Not my lower back, not my ass but up by my shoulder blades. See, I'm having chemo & radiation and my body aches & throbes. He was trying to comfort my as the day out has been great but I was starting to feel I may have over some it a bit. I don't complain, I'm making the best of my life right now & taking in every moment we have together since my prognosis is not good. I don't want to name call or be rude. I just want to point out that we got a dirty look from a woman yesterday who was in the line next to us. I get understand completely. It probably looked weird that he was rubbing my back (over my top, I'll add). I'm sorry it was offensive. I'm finding people are offending by everything these days. As soon as you & I locked eyes, I told him to stop & explained we obviously made you uncomfortable & god knows who else since you seemed to be trying to point is out to others in line as well. My heart hurts a tiny bit because i wonder if you had a loved one in pain, if you'd run their back and tell them how much you love them & that you're cherishing every last moment with them? I would hope that you would.

This is not a rant & my hope is not to be passive aggressive. I just wish that each of us would maybe spend less time judging one another & maybe focus more on being better people, more compassionate, more family focused. That's my wish.