I Hate Bicycles


Its totally cool that you hate bicycles. I accept this part of you I,A. It is understandable, these feelings you have.

Life's frustrations can be about normal everyday things most people don't care about or they can be about things, such as bicycles, that most people actually like. Again, that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.

So don't feel badly that you hate bicycles. It's O.K.
I first started riding a bike when I couldn't afford to spend $5/day on trimet. Trimet also hurts my neck and takes twice as long as biking to work. My bike is not my identity - it's just a cheap way to get places.

Why aren't you mad about people talking about cars, or special parking for cars? Isn't it kind of the same thing, only those people have the power to kill you? Cars take up waaay more space.
Yeah, fuck all cyclists for making broad assumptions about a group of people based solely on their mode of transportation.
Why you hate so much? ...did some greasy bike molest you as a child?
You sound more than a little frustrated and a bit stressed-out . Maybe you need to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. I heard riding bicycles can be both fun a a great wait to...oh wait. Never mind.
New Seasons sells a GREAT turkey!
I have to give IA a point or two. PDX is attracting a lots of douchey new residents. The private houses going in are huge McMansions with 3 bathrooms (how is that green?) while the millenials are asked to live in tiny micro-dorms that cost 800 a month.

The bike parking is for the latte-sippers who can leave the Subaru at home because they have a fancy zip code.

I ride a bike, but I try not to call it a civic virtue. It's a fun thing, like yoga, but its not for everyone and it doesn't make you superior.
I have ridden tri-met every single day for the past three years, and have yet to "interact with my community" while on board. Most of those who do appear to be drunk and/or crazy.

I should start riding my bike.
So now you're not really interacting if you don't ride the bus, huh? Devil's Advocating here for a minute, but: maybe other people are kinda overrated? Have you met most people lately?
Fart sniffing is what I do on the bus for 30 extra minutes each day, trying to avoid the drunk guy that wants to give out massages. No thanks, I'd much rather ride my bike.

Riding my bike to work does not define me as anything other then a cheap guy that does not like (people) the bus or max.
Oh Reverend Bite Me, you're right on the money with that comment. Portland is bursting at the seams with noticeably douchebaggy newcomers these days. It's a tragedy.
troll, fake ass IA. fart sniffing is what happens on the 8 bus up marquam hill. not on the bikes.

also there are not enough bike lanes. actually there should be more completely-separate cycle tracks, to keep away from dumbfucks behind the wheel.
I finally put the "glass half full, glass half empty" debate to rest while riding the 20 a few years back. A "half empty bottle of piss" rolling around and hitting my foot every time the bus stops just sounds weird.
Do you have to be against bike enthusiasts because you would like to be like them? I think it is cool that Portland has so many people that like to ride,sail,hike,camp,explore,etc.

I wish I was more like that, and do not hate them because I am not personally into outside activities. My parents must have loved me because they never took me camping.

Just a couch potato but to each his own. Chow
I can't wait to move away from Willams and its endless parade of "I HEART CYCLOCROSS" racer-boy douchebags. Yeah, it's awesome that you weigh 148 soaking wet and have committed to your vegan buddhist creative class douchebag lifestyle. Let's hope nobody ever unearths all those Get Up Kids CDs you buried in your still-married middle-class parents' backyard in Cleveland and your friends find out how much of a cornfed dork ass loser you were before reinventing yourself out west.
Oh my, look at this bounty of a feast people brought to feed the obvious troll.
I don't sip lattes I inject them into my veins with an IV and a drip bag on wheels.
Hey IA poster,

Why don't you move to Myrtle Beach and bitch about how much you hate the beach and tourists? Or, you could move to San Francisco and bitch about how much you hate gay people. You could move to... Nevermind, why don't you just move to the middle of nowhere and just continue hating yourself?
Ha! Know what, I,A? Tough shit, that's what!

Your hatred is like mother's milk to me.
Bicycle! Bicycle!! Bicycle!!!

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike, I want to ride it where I like...something something something, Jaws was never my scene and I don't like Star Wars.
A) Poor people also have scarves and lattes.
B) People bring their bikes on the bus!
C) Anyone who goes on the bus or MAX to interact with their community should bike through rush hour in East Portland without a helmet.
D) Some people look really hot in those bicycle outfits and are excitingly aggressive. Esp. this one dude who puts his bike on the MAX at Sunset Transit during rush hour.
E) Cars cannot fit in a bicycle rack.
F) Bicycling is also a healthful hobby!
G) I bet bicyclists feel awful sad commuting home in the rain.
I will always ride the bus, but I will never interact with people like you. Public transit is not your community; it's a mode of transportation. Take a seat, read or listen to music on headphones and keep your mouth shut.
There are people in Portland who aren't latte-sipping, scarf wearing, New Seasons-shopping bicyclists?
Yes Aubergine, there are. Kambucha drinking, skinny jean wearing fixed gear riding Whole foods shopping bicyclists. Hope this helps. Also, the MAX is only marginally better than a penal colony
Ha! You're a turkey!