Learn How to Drive, Fuckers


So you've been hit at least a dozen times?

Your call, but I would take the bus.
As long as you aren't drunk or leave the scene of the "accident" you can run over cyclists all you want.

Good times!
You need to know we all have the feelings you do. I think you might be a danger to others just by your anger. Luck is not on your side driving,that many accidents is a sign you should stay home. The people behind the carts in grocery store are deadly on occasions.
I commute by bike every single day and have had roughly zero problems with cars trying to kill me. Maybe the problem is you.
"I wear that same outfit every single day and have never been raped. Maybe it's you."
If you've been a hit and run victim six different times, there's a slight chance either you might be somewhat of a risky bike rider or someone out there really, really doesn't like you...
@Dimitri "Have not been raped six times."
stop putting yourself at risk, take the bus. YOu may well be a "dickhead" for making people feel guilty when they run into you. Alternatively, you are lying.
You notice how bad drivers never know they're bad drivers?

It's the same thing with cyclists.
Tuck and roll.
I think you're missing the most important point; if you want to be an a$$hole and make your "point" while you're on a bike, you will lose EVERY TIME against a car or truck.