Give Seniors a Break


Hey old man, didn't you get the memo? Portland's where YOUNG PEOPLE go to retire
Hear! Hear!

I said....

Anon, I love you! ;) You're my favorite person. I call your personality Howie. Your stories are my favorite in the whole wide world. Write here again k, about whatever has pisses you off. Cause I bet I agree with you.
that was suppose to read pissed.
Y'all don't have to wait to get old, I'll belittle you right now.
You and your ire-rankling, church-driving, wallet-fiddling, nurse-riveting pals should just follow the lead of us know-it-all juniors. I-tablet maniacs shooting belittled teens for depression puts the brakes on young sailor pilots. Slow down quicker, impatient lovers. Fly through a politically correct young family during the War.

-Fascinated Old Lady
Cat Stevens sang this ,Wayyyy back in the 70's-remember?

It's not time to make a change,just relax ,take it easy.
You'r still young not your fault.
There's so much you have to go through.

You must be a cool 67 year old to be reading the Mercury.
I know what you mean, and I will hope along with you that someday getting old in this society will not mean the death panels. Once we had to live around a bunch of senior citizens and they were very mean to us. We like young people to live among because they mind their own business,most of the time.
When I get old I'm going rogue like an angry bull elephant coming in out of the jungle and I'm going to smash your pathetic little village full of thatched roof huts to smithereens.
It's really hard to sympathize with the greediest generation that ever lived.
There were so many generations that were great and brave for one reason or another. I think the greediest generation in my recollection was the Ronald Reagan era to the present.

All our wars were sick, blatant racism,and lack of proper leadership. Still,at the time,our leaders sent the greatest to fight for us because they were mostly poor men and women.
Fuck you, boomer. Your generation ruined the economy and the environment with its amazing selfishness. I can't wait for you and all yours to die.
Had to wait an extra five minutes so that an elderly person could complain to the postal worker about how expensive their property taxes in Portland were compared to the property taxes on their home in Costa Rica. I am not a homeowner and probably never will be. STFU and just buy your damn stamps old timer.