Buy Your Own Cigarettes!


When panhandlers hit me up I usually just offer Marlboro Miles
Why don't you just say that to their face?
I went out to have a cigarette last night to find 3 hobos sitting on my steps. One asked me for a cigarette and I was like 'just brought this one out with me.' He was all 'NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE ANY ANYMORE.' fine attitude for someone trespassing on someone else's property.
When the homeless are complaining about other homeless bumming smokes, you know it's become a real problem. Stop bumming and start buying you fucking losers!!!!

I'm more than happy to finance my own suicide on the installment plan, but I'll be god damned if I'm gonna pay for someone else's.

I'll do my best to die in the street with a nearly full pack of smokes so the bums can pick at my carcass like some crazed vultures.
I,Anonymous column gets trolled again but its cool thats what its here for.

Look Mom no apostrophes!
People getting up in your personal space and bumming smokes off you constantly is just a 'You need to quit' tax. That's always how I looked at it.

And then I magically quit smoking... and guess how many fuck faces have come up to me since and asked me for a cigarette before rolling their eyes at me and storming off?
I've never been a smoker, yet people still ask me for smokes-- because I'm just that cool
Amount of homeless I, A posters and/or readership is astounding.
^ It's because Portland issues every homeless person one free laptop and a mobile data plan, also free drugs