Dumb Ass in Toyota Sienna


Phone records or it didn't happen
You sound like a god damn lunatic.
You are a god damned lunatic.
Courtesy phone? Even I carry my cell phone for emergency. This was no emergency. Maybe you need the drama.
You were just jealous of that sweet Sienna. Captain's chairs and cup holders for six.
.......and then you went home from Fred Meyer and totally fabricated this story.
Holy rager batman. What's with all your hostility Anon? The second you realized he saw you call him a chode is the second you should've checked yourself and calmed the down. Is a parking space really worth it? Then you park right next to the guy you called a chode and challenge him again with "what? you have a problem buddy?"

How you can't see YOU are the problem in this situation is beyond me. So much aggression. Over a damn parking space.
The I,A used the courtesy phone to be discourteous. Aw that's cute.
You got problems, and I don't mean finding a parking space.
Frumpy face? Granny panties on his chin-butt?
Waiting for someone to pull out of a parking spot is usually a mistake.
I hope you enjoyed having your car keyed. Chode.
I used to love going out to my car on my lunch break during the Christmas shopping season and just sit there. I'd even start my car to warm it up. The parking vultures would swoop in to claim the soon-to-be-vacated spot - only to cause a giant line of cars to form behind them when it never materialized. People get mad, horns get honked... Funny shit.