Hey Parents,

Here's a novel idea: how about taking your two week family trip to Disney World in the summer rather than pulling your kid out of school in October and then expecting their teachers to give them "make up work" to do while they're gone? Sorry folks, I don't have any "worksheets" that can take the place of the class roleplays, discussions, activities, projects, group work and INSTRUCTION that happen while you and your family are enjoying the beaches of Hawaii. As a teacher with 200 students, I don't really have time to privately tutor your kid after he or she returns from their deer hunting trip (no, I'm not making that up) so they can make up 10 hours of missed classes. Please don't ask me why your A student has a C in my class after you've pulled them out to go to Miami for 10 days. Whose fault is that?

Oh, and when your kid tells you they're sick and can't go to school, have you considered telling them that "sick" means you spend the day in bed RESTING—not playing XBOX all day and texting their friends at school while Mom and/or Dad go to work?

Parenting isn't rocket science, people. If you don't value education, neither will your kid. And if you really DON'T value education, then home school your kids and take all the field trips you want.