Parents: Send Your Kid to School!


Fun fact: in much of the Midwest it's customary for kids to take TWO WEEKS off school to participate in the opening of deer hunting season.

Also, I bet they learn more about life traipsing around the woods with drunk dad, drunk uncle and drunk grandpa than they do in two weeks worth of "roleplays, discussions, activities, projects, group work" and whatnot.
Having been on a deer hunting trip, I can honestly say I learned more in school. Hunting deer and drinking do not provide the life long benefit that a sound education can offer.
I wanted to be a teacher until I found out it involved interacting with parents and children.
Send those little bastards to the school of hard knocks.
Where's Ms. Trunchbull when you need her?
More like, where's Ms. Balbricker when you need her?
I, A is evidently a teacher.

Do we have any stats on how often this I, A had a substitute teacher covering their missed days?
Goofy called. He says suck it, ah-hyuck, ah-hyuck!
"Send those little bastards to the school of hard knocks."

C'mon now, we can't send them all to Arizona State...
Teachers, on the other hand, plan parent teacher conference on the day before Thanksgiving then declare missing parents to be uncaring. Hello! Thanksgiving is THE most traveled holiday. Parents make a decision to take the kid and visit grandma. Try having parent teacher day on a Wednesday not associated with a holiday.
Never had a parent/teacher conference as a child. A single mom raising two kids and working two jobs can rarely afford to take time off of work to listen to a teacher tell them shit they already know.

Besides, teachers nowadays are only slightly better than semi-free full-time babysitters. Just look at how pissed parents get when they have to deal with furloughs and teacher in-services days.
I think we should lower the allowable age to the take the GED exam to 8. I think most folks could pass that exam at age 8.
A teacher-great! Here's someone who can explain why all these property tax levies have not improved graduation rates.