Dear R******, AKA "G-String Man"


g-string crossdressers, manipulative fetishmongers, victimized queers, smearing nuts on "vintage", honorable fetishists. My Portland experience isn't nearly this exciting :/
You (or the shop owners friend) captured the essence of his masquerading manipulative victimized queer fetish-monger character, from a single visit at the store because he tried on vintage wearing only a G-string? Damn you’re good!
"There's a manipulative fetishmonger masquerading as a victimized queer in that vintage shop!"

"There's somebody who admits they're from Hillsboro in that vintage shop!"

I think we can all agree which of these two situations yanks down the coolness factor faster.
We all don't like decent cross-dressers. This person really annoys you and the customers, and upsets your crap. Can you put a sign up in the window like''ONLY REAL VICTIMIZED
persons desiring to purchase top of the line vintage rags. To enter, must be dressed decently and have stellar values. Don't insult our integrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Forbid-

Sounds real creepy to me.
So NOT about guitars?