Dirty What?


There is a taqueria in Tigard called Sanchez's, replete with a big ol' spokestaco on their billboard. I want it to have a word balloon that says, "I'm filthy!"
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Things can be rough in the firewood delivery business, homie...
Who are you kidding IAnon? We all know "the firewood delivery business" is just a euphemism for the gigolo trade.
If this was all a ploy to get me to Urban Dictionary "screech," it was successful.
My last name is Icy-Mike :/
Change your last name. You will need a little money,tell your folks your being picked on by others, move to another location where no one knows you. I am serious, I think you sound like a nice person.
Thanks SeenTooMuch.

What if there really was a guy named Sanchez and he really did grow weary of the constant reference to Dirty Sanchez? What if?
i'm right your wrong, I thought his last name was fuchs, or something like that. Went over my feeble little mushroom mind his name is Sanchez. We are new at this if you can't tell. I just worry about him being so bummed out over his name. Lets cheer him up..