So here I am with my significant other enjoying a rather quiet Sunday night at Belmont Station. I just biked 12 miles to get there but that's not very relevant. We'll just assume I'm cold and tired. I see you there, all drunk as fuck with your two six and seven year-old children; ages assumed. The place just went from cozy and intimate to some sort of over-the-top Gresham Applebees, clusterfuck in no time flat. Your children are laying on the floor screaming as you tickle them while every conversation in the room comes to a screeching halt in response to the spectacle. The bartender comes around to your table to politely inform you that you are indeed in public and shit like that is all manner of inappropriate. You say something like "Well fuck, I guess we should just leave, then". Pretty much everyone in the room audibly agrees with you, in no uncertain terms. I seriously have never seen so many people forgoing the textbook Portland passive/aggressive and just call it like it is. You and your children were completely out of hand and the place was measurably better when you finally decided to leave.