Portland. You passive aggressive douchebags need to just start saying no to things. If someone sends you an invite on FB it's because they browsed through a gazillion people to find you and invite you to something. Just say no! Even if you don't like the person! Say no! Don't just leave it flapping in the fucking breeze.

And you know what? This isn't about a thing where people just ignore invites or whatever. It also includes professional services. If you're not interested in something or don't have room for a patient or just don't want to take their fucking insurance, just say no! I promise, you fucking idiots, it isn't that hard to say "I don't really want to go" or "I have other plans" or "I don't like your case/insurance/face so I won't give you a service/job."

I don't know what the fuck made this city so cowardly but nut the fuck up and be grown ups. Learn to say no.