You like to write about how oppressed you are. Were the two women kicked out of a cab for kissing oppressing you? Are black males being pulled over for no reason by the police oppressing you? Are senior citizens oppressing you when they have someone drive them somewhere? Are people with physical disabilities oppressing you? Did I oppress you while I came out to my mom in the car hoping she would not disown me? According to your logic, it is. Somehow, a white straight male in this city is being oppressed because of their lifestyle choice.
Your opinions get passed on by one of Portland’s top bloggers (and by the way, they are just as bat-shit crazy as you and took a hit in credibility when backing you when you were unable to differentiate between Asian males in this city). I appreciate the overall theme in your actions of making the streets safe for all users. But you really need to quit with the overdramatic postings. Tone that shit down!
At this point, I can’t tell if you really care about being an “activist” or if you just care about being seen as an activist (if so, fuck you). But overall, you are getting really close to being offensive. People out there are horrible on the roads and the repercussion for poor driving is frustrating, I get it. Yet there is no need for overdramatic reactions. If you want to make a change for what you are “fighting” for, stop being exclusive and focus more on being inclusive.