To an old teacher from Grant, if you still teach there: Go fucking fuck yourself, you bigoted douchebag! When I visited in the Spring of 2011 to do research for a project for a class at PSU, I saw you harassing a female student who was not doing anything wrong, just minding her own business. She was walking out of the restroom and you threatened her with sexual abuse. Why didn't I stop you? I was standing too far away to do anything and you would have likely framed me just for trying to help the student, who was in a wheelchair, get out of the situation you forced her into. Also, you would have recognized me easily. I wish I had a knife with me so I could have chopped off your balls, but there were too many students around. We met again a year later and you tried to give me hush money. I hope you're already in prison you shit-headed asswipe!