Yes, you look cool and hip in all black, with your beard, and beanie. Please, however, have just a tiny bit of consideration for your fellow riders. No lights after dark, no audible signal at all when passing (hell, I'd be happier with "I'ma pass you, fuckwit!" than nothing at all), and your bike so quite it's almost impossible to hear you are there until you are up my ass...It gets old, man. I know it makes you seem less manly to call out to another dude in the dark, but don't worry, I don't like grown men that wear clothes from Hot Topic.
Also, you only passed me because I actually stopped at the STOP sign. I caught you less than a block down and I don't know if you simply didn't hear my insult or had earphones in too. Maybe you were a little caught off guard that someone would actually call you on your idiocy. Dunno. You simply are not as fast a rider as me, so either train up or stop fucking about with other peoples safety.
At least you 'passed' me on the left, unlike some of your kin.