I work at a walk-in clinic that caters to a colorful set of characters. It's not unusual to meet a poodle-carrying, bling-wearing baby boomer, and five minutes later, a local homeless addict who can't afford antibiotics to cure an abscess that might kill him/her if untreated. So when an early thirties-ish, anonymous dude with the drip stops in, I am not phased in the least. What does, however, phase me is when that dude with the drip is given the choice of exposing either side of his buttocks in order to receive an STD curing, and ultimately life-saving, injection only to show me his "concealed" glock, 9mm, or whatever -the- fuck, stupid-ass hand gun he is 'packing'. Why not expose the other side, and keep your hand gun concealed? Is it possibly because he is a tool? I guess I answered my own question. Yo dude, you are a tool!