In Vogue


Have you eaten at Bulge?
"You guys do such a great job"

Wait, there's a *different* paper called the Mercury?
Humpy needs a new pair of pumps!
"I’m sort of new to Portland (you know, like nearly everyone else here). "

Actually, no. Lots of people were born and raised in PDX, and we get to watch all the cute places torn down for
yuppie-dom. Produce Row is the latest casualty- what a douchey clientele. I miss the stoned snowboarders. that once frequented the old Row. Now it's engineers bragging about their bikes.

Please get out of Alberta/Hawthorne once in a while. Portlandia is getting to be a boring little bubble- a fad that will pass.

And, please don't waste your twenties barely scraping by with a service job so you can afford a crapartment or a micro-dorm.. Now is the time to get a foothold in the job market.
Great piece of satire, I,A! Other than dietary restrictions, you really hit every point on the self-righteous transplant checklist!
You spelled En Vogue wrong. Why are you talking about anything else you smug twat?

En Vogue for life!