Hello! I'll be your server today. Before you order, let's have a quick refresher course in etiquette. The only correct way to ask for something is "May I please have- ?" The only correct ways to respond when offered something are "Yes, please" or "No, thank you". All other ways are RUDE. Refrain from any hand gestures, grimaces, or explanations when declining. I don't mind your children but keep them in place when I have a tray of hot food and tip appropriately. Their kid meal costs a third of your meal with no liquor up sale and three times the clean up, plus my other tables are slightly rattled by the disturbance. An extra couple bucks, while little in the grand scheme, makes it a much better experience for the person serving you. What it costs you to make your server's day? Usually just those three words- "please", "thank you", and an extra 2 bucks on the table. Do it.