When You Wish Upon a Star...


This happens downtown every day.
And in SE, and NE and...
...aahhhh, this warmed up my heart a little.
That's cool. Would be cooler if I'd ever seen a cop pull over a driver that did the same.
You know what I saw? The best minds of my generation destroyed by madness. Also, two by fours.
You know what I saw? Nothing, because I didn't give a shit. Can't people just get pulled over for breaking the law during Xmas? Fuck. If you don't stop, then you didn't stop. Your bad. Merry Chriatmas.
Gee anonie, worked up over the real important stuff, ain'tcha?
Dude sounds like they'd enjoy handing out jaywalking tickets at an empty intersection.

What a dull life they must lead when something this trivial makes their day.

It would sweet if the bicyclist read this and recognized the douche who wrote it. If he saw which house they lived in, he could throw a rock through their window.
What! No Field Sobriety Test?
I got pulled over by a cop for this. We talked about the Idaho law that showed no increase in accidents caused by bikes going through stop signs. It's actually nice to get through intersections before cars start turning right into you. He agreed with me, piss-ant little bitches like you crying in cars made it so he had to enforce such bullshit. He let me go with a warning and said look out for us cops next time. Go suck a dick. It's shits like you that make America a over regulated shithole.

Please find someplace else to do your talk about bitches and sucking dick. Maybe use your blog about life in the Pearl, for that.

But I really appreciate your solid statistical insights gleaned from "the Idaho law"-- that cleared everything right up.