Snot Face


And we're all sure you have very important shit to finish, Dr. Schweitzer.
Juggalos get pissed when Walmart is out of Faygo.
Silly Juggalos, don't they know that Gen X also carries Faygo?

Also I pawned my last original caffeinated can of Four Loko to Hawker's Locker for a sweet twenty bucks
The sickfuk I,A vented anonymously rather than kicking some little kid's ass. For that i am glad.

The bug zapper has attracted yet another pestilence which would otherwise have done senseless evil.

By the way, I picked a little something up from KFC at xmas dinner. Todd you like?
I'm thinking you picked your snotty nose as a kid and ate it. You're jealous that you can't do that in public anymore!!
Guessing I,A doesn't remember being a kid.

Guessing that's because I,A is face-first in a bag of paint thinner.
25 year old despises kids, turns 32, has kids.

"Fucking chickenshit anus" sounds like a really dark form of porn.
Yeah, how DARE they perpetuate the species/take on the task of raising the next generation (who will be supporting YOUR sorry ass when you are some snot-nosed, hacking, senile elder in a shitty diaper inconveniencing everyone else).

You'd better hope they have more patience and tolerance for you then than you have for them now, but I wouldn't count on it, given that you're an asshole now and aren't likely to change much...except to expect everyone else to cater to you and your age-related needs/issues later).

In the meantime, get bent. We live in a multi-generational society. The onus is on YOU to segregate yourself from those you find offensive due to their age, not the other way around.
Did you really just say "get bent"?
Actually, I wrote it, but yeah. I have a broad and eclectic vocabulary ;)