Homeless People Are Humans Too


Okay Anon, here's what a grown up does to address said situation:

1. Call a manager
2. Report employee for using profanity and abusive language in front of you, the customer.

See, people need to learn there are consequences to their actions. Your I Anon post does not a teaching moment make.
I'm not going to waste my time responding to someone who would ask for a Pepsi.
For the millionth time, it's "I,Anon", not "He/She/They Anon". The whole point of being anonymous is that you can call out shitheads without repercussion. If it's a grievous enough offense to write to the local paper, then NAME SOME FUCKING NAMES. Where did this happen? What did the employee look like? Give us something!
But are you sure they're all human too? Because CHUDs.
Yes, the homeless are humans. And humans are the fucking worst.
"you were proud to state that you threw breadstick at him too"

And he should be proud. He fed that poor homeless guy a breadstick! Ever had one of those Hot Lips basil breadsticks? They're like 2 feet long and covered in cheese, fucking absolutely delicious and super filling.
That employee gave it to the homeless person New York style...and probably was from New York too. The Portland demographic and the bad habits that come with it have changed things drastically.
I'm with assisse on this one. I'd pretend to be homeless if they'd throw one of those pesto breadsticks at me. For an extra one in with marinara, I'd offer an HJ too!!!
Who knew? Ron White works at a pizza joint in Portland!