Rape's #1! Rape's #1!


I'd love it if colleges eliminated sports altogether.

--FSU c/o 1994
What if he was falsely accused and doesn't deserve to be called a rapist?
What if the D.A. more or less said he wouldn't investigate, and strongly suggested that the complainant not press charges at all? As in the case of our football star there.
What if we get off our penis-having soap boxes and get ready for some football! yeah!
I used to be a penis-haver, then I got older and became a penis-hadder...then I dickscovered Viagra and now I'm a penis-haver again...mercy, mercy, mercy!!
Wait, what's this about the Noles winning?
What's a Noles?
Oh the Heisman Trophy winner that killed his wife and her friend comes to mind. Oh yeah, he was found not quilty.

Don't forget Notre Dame's Heisman short lister who held an entire stadium at momentary silence for his imaginary fiancee who had died of Leukemia. I would love to have seen that funeral with the attendants trying to keep the inflatable doll in the box.

Thanks to some diligent investigative reporting, scum like Jerry Sandusky and everybody's hero "gee I did'nt know Joe" Paterno get rooted out, but in an arena where so much is at stake the perv's deviate's and sociopaths will manage to keep fooling an adoring but gullible fan base.
I can sort of understand why people would watch this game, but I cannot understand why you'd expect men who excel at playing bloodsports to be awww shucks gentlemen off the field.
Don't be so quick to talk shit about american football, calling it a bloodsport, when euro football is the same shit, just no intentional tackling. Fuckin Timber goof.