Dear phone supervisors, or operators,

I understand your job is tough talking to people and moods of all kinds, all day long. I empathize with you deeply.

In this age of texting, and Facebook, a little phone conversation, or oral communication is considered rare.

Please know, that when I try to call and call again, in order to simply speak with someone human, I hold that time as precious. After being on hold for an hour at a time, sometimes, there may be frustration on my part.

But when I ask you a simple question in a nice tone, from the start, please don't talk to me like I am dumb, in your sass-filled, smarty pants, and condescending manner. Then making me repeat the question and going backwards because you weren't listening.

Just be helpful. I definitely don't want to be on the phone talking to a miserable person like you. You say you love your job, but I'm afraid it doesn't show, even without seeing you.

I'm going to start talking to people in a phone-sex operator voice from now on.