Let's be clear-I prefer to sit alone without anyone sitting next to me on the MAX, too. But let's also be clear about this: one person only needs one seat. That said, if the train's starting to get full, take your backpack and put it in your lap. Take your legs and set them down in front of you. Don't, like a complete and absolute shithead, take up one or, for the love of Christ, two seats because you feel like moving in and this is how you've decided to decorate, crowding train be damned. Grow maybe an inch of common sense and realize no one should have to ask you to move your crap or any part of your body so they can sit down. Nothing happening on your iPad will be compromised by you taking your God-damned feet off of the seat across from you, I swear. Empty train, not a soul in site? Great! Sprawl out, homie. But when you see those folks piling in pretend it's YOU that would enjoy a seat without having to ask some idiot to put his groceries in his lap and then maybe decide to make the ride a little bit better for everyone.