To the fuckfaced jackass who had to pass everyone on lombard in the magical snow lane you decided to create.

First of all, what's the fucking hurry? It's Saturday at 3 and you are going eastbound to St. John's. There are no hospitals there. What other reason for you to drive like some jerk? You were driving like a goddamn maniac causing 20+ drivers to have to stop and slide for you to cruise on through some made up lanes...

I was hoping you would slide out and crash so I could pull over and then skull fuck your 4ft tall eyeballs for thinking you were cool in your jeep. I got your license plate # and dumbass bumper sticker memorized and will have wide eyes open for you mother fucker.
Once this snow melt and lombard returns to normal, you will feel my balls rubbing on your dead forehead. Bitch.