We were new to portland seven months ago. We worked for over 30 years in the financial industry. We worked hard, and spent very little time at home. We had our lives pretty much devoted to our employer. In 2008 after risky investments our employers thought were safe,we lost most of our retirement. We made mistakes, and yet managed to hold on to our values,when things were at there worst. Sometimes we felt like fools.

We have always wanted to move to Oregon to retire. Since we have been here, we have found a people, and lifestyle that we love. Lucky for us we have contacts in Portland. We are on no government funds, don't judge those in need. Changed political parties, and find it hard to believe we didn't get involved in important causes.
We hope by changing our attitudes about important issues ,our lives still will make a difference to those in need. It is never too late to recognize your failures, and never give up trying.