I just heard the question asked not too long ago, "why do we pray, and why do we go to church?"

The pastor answered, "so we get closer to God. And so that we can help others get closer to God."

I would think an agnostic might say, "I want to get closer to someone."

And atheist might say, "they don't want anyone getting close to them."

I just say, shouldn't we feel more connected to each other as human beings? I have experience in working in churches, but none whatsoever with attending them. I can tell you from working in a church that it is very odd that the congregation very much has the attitude that an employee is a servant, and are very much treated as such. Very odd behavior coming from a place where everyone is trying to get to heaven. "Do as you want done to you." No! Very odd behavior, morever, that some members don't like other members, and some members won't even help other members either.