I just want to go where I'm wanted. If someone wants to give me work and hours, that's where I'll go. If you value the work I do, you will show your appreciation. And I do my talking with actions, not by talking about it.
I've asked for more hours repeatedly for the past 7 or 8 years. But every time a newbie comes along who wants hours, they get it. When someone quits their other job, and asks for more hours where there aren't much to spread, they get it. Someone is always affected when you do this. Who do you think that is?

And I'm okay with receiving little acknowledgment or thanks. I don't need glory or praise like the others do which boasts their ego so they feel they are an important part of what is going on.

I know the job I do. We all know the jobs that are being done.

I'm okay with being a rusty pigeon. In fact, I hate crows. Crows are greedy thieves. They are sneaks, rats, and showoffs, gawking for attention. Pigeons earn their struggles. And seagulls are bullies.