whatever happened to good friends? the ones who are there for happy/sad, or good/bad. the ones who support and listen and embrace.

seems all these days, I hear from someone when they want something, or need a ride. or I only get a call or text because it was me who initiated a get together. or when you want to invite me to your event on facebook.

I'm generous to a fault, I know it. I will buy anyone I talk to at a bar a drink, eventually. I share my food too, not only with friends, but these same strangers at the bar. that's how I was raised, it won't change, yes generous to a fault.

I buy you drinks everytime we hang out, and share my food with you when we come back to my house after the bar. I don't expect you to return the favor, not even one out of 5 times, but you have never bought me a drink, ever. times are hard, you are poor, but I even have a poorer friend who gives me his loose change to try to compensate me.
when I'm sitting a bar stool away from a chick, and then we start talking, then you show up and sit in between us, and then we start talking about you, and the same tragic story that happened to you 5 years ago.

we lose touch because no one stays in touch
not to mention because I get used so much.