weird thing happened yesterday in forest park and even if its a coincidence i would like someone to tell me what the hell happened your cat dog (bird?) you needed to bury him in a part of the woods i would only shit in.

so i was hiking with the family and all of a sudden i had to take a mean dump. I ran up ahead far enough that i would be finished by the time they caught up and found a place off the beaten trail to do my dirty work.

And there it was a little tombstone made out of plaster board. Here Lies Bubba New, born sept 23 2011 died (and here's where it gets weird) February 23 2012.

So i'm squatting there finishing off with a nice big maple leaf and i'm thinking whoah TO THE DAY.

Anyone have any info? By the way it looks like maybe you didnt dig enough. Looks like something got down in there and made a meal of it.