It was a gradual thing. My sister, and I love each other a lot. Things have taken an awkward turn.
I love to be with her and so does my husband. My husband admires our brother-in-law, and I use to.

It started News Years eve, we made a joke about Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra. Poor taste and crude as it was, we never believed it would cause BIL to start shouting at us.Their liberals, so we thought they would laugh.We left promptly after dinner.

My sister is in the middle, I am so sad because he might get upset if we call. My husband is depressed because he feels like the man really hates him.

We miss my sister so much and need to see her. She loves us both. BIL will call and say "I'm just that way didn't mean any harm".

Because my sister is not well, I don't want to unload this on her. I need to know how much crap we have to take from him? I hate to visit now,love their dog and my sister is only family I have. She is very sick. What should we do?CONSOL