I hate how passive-aggressive this is, but I need to rant for a minute: to the totally intoxicated drunk assholes at Ptown metal concerts, thanks for being obnoxious and annoying the shit out of everyone who's unfortunate to be near you. Thanks for fucking yelling random dumbass nonsense at the top of your lungs during songs while everyone's trying to listen to the goddamn music. Thanks for fucking flinging beer on people's heads.
Everyone paid the same amount of money as you for tickets so please let everyone get their fucking money's worth and enjoy the goddamn show.
I feel sorry for you. You need help because you obviously can't handle alcohol.
I should have gotten security to handle the situation when I had the chance. But I didn't want to miss any of the concert I paid my fucking money for.
And to the venues who sell the drinks: do you value money more than people's safety?! Can't you do your damn job and refuse to serve alcohol to a stumbling drunk person?!? And where was security??
Fuck it all.