We met at the Burnside Skate Park at about 2:30 am. I pulled into the parking lot, held out a 12 pack of beer, and yelled out "PBR" . From under the bridge I heard you yell back to me "PBR ". We bonded over drinking beer and puking in the large skate bowl.
After the last beer was drank, you proclaimed to have many more beers in your fridge, and I told you I would buy you cheeseburgers at the drive thru if you were willing to share your beer. However, after buying ten cheeseburgers, of which I gave you five, when we arrived at your home YOU HAD NO BEER. You said "sorry my roomates must have drank them" and then you went downstairs to passout.

I dont know if it was your roomates, or you that woke up first to find that I had thrown everyones cell phones in the fishtank and then, after shiting on your kitchen table, wiped my ass with your roomates purse, but I am truly sorry .
I couldn't help but notice that new skateboard and sweet bannana seat schwinn by the door,so on my way out the door I took those home with me.