Why are 9 out of 10 people selling something on craigslist dicks?

Other person, "so it seems like you won't be able to make it?"
I'm thinking, what happens when you assume, and that's not what I said.
He continues, "I don't do deliveries. Unless you want to throw in a couple extra bucks for gas."
I'm thinking, are you that cheap?

On 2 other occasions that I can remember emailing someone, or actually meeting them, the encounters were unpleasant. The meeting someone, the guy dropped the price from $100 to $80 if I bought it right then and there. I wanted time to think about it. When I contacted them later, he said, the price was back to $100, and then that he hadn't texted somebody so many times.
The other email was like, I have only specific times to meet you because of my wife's work schedule, and my kids pick up and drop off times, and I can't really spend my time if you aren't interested.

Hey Sellers, be nice. Most salesman tend to have a wrap for being pushy, impersonal, and ripoffs, but in the craigslist world, it just seems like everyone is unfriendly. Be nice. You probably stand a better chance at selling your stuff. Or you can just go sell it a pawn shop and get way less for it.