The type of kindness I'm speaking of is not this type:
holding the door open for someone.
or letting someone go first in front of you.
or putting the divider down on the conveyor belt for the next person.
or buying a beer, or treating someone to lunch.
Those are all very nice.
But more like this:
My mom has a friend of 40 years. His dad died on his birthday, and his mom just recently. He is going to retire, so he is getting rid of his small sports apparel business that he started over 50 years ago, and kept through competition with Sports Authority, and whatever else. In hearing this, my mom has been helping with sales, and just being there as a friend. And she will help when he moves out and probably just donates his products. My mom is going through eye surgery, and can't drive, so my uncle is driving her to the store, and waits at the local café until she is done.
They are retired so fucking a, but is that what it takes? Time?